Our Mandate

The Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW), Niagara Falls, is a voluntary, self-funded, non-profit organization, affiliated with the National CFUW and the International Federation of University Women (IFUW). Our mandate is to promote education and life-long learning, to encourage the participation of members in their communities and to enhance the status of women and girls. Our main concerns include high quality public education, universal health care, a clean safe environment and the prevention of physical and psychological violence against women.

Who We Are

CFUW is a group of approximately 8,000 women in 100 clubs across Canada and 5,000 make up the membership in the 54 Ontario clubs. We share the concerns of all women: access toeducation and jobs; freedom from discrimination, violence and harassment; equality in work, school and relationships; support systems; peace and safety in our communities and country. CFUW is frequently called upon to participate in the development of new government legislation, regulations and policy. We also initiate action to ensure that various levels of government are aware of our position based on policy.

Our Mission

The Canadian Federation of University Women - Niagara Falls Club, a member of the Canadian Federation of University Women and the International Federation of University Women, is an organization of university graduates and like minded individuals committed to:

  • Encourage advanced study and research by women
  • Cultivate excellence in education
  • Using our education to benefit the community
  • Advance human rights
  • Improve the status of women
  • Participate actively in public affairs in the spirit of cooperation and friendship